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       from a dream to reality...       


To be simple. I’m just a little girl from the New Orleans, Westbank who always believed she could and would create her own destiny. Growing up, I was able to take small summer trips with my cousin and her family and that’s ultimately where I developed my love for travel…I just knew the world was so much bigger and I wanted to be able to experience it all.

I’m a graduate of Louisiana State University where I majored in Communications. During my junior year, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in an internship with Sports Illustrated.  At the end of that internship, my team was flown to New York to sit on panel discussions with top Sports Illustrated executives. It was really a dream come true. Not only did I get to experience life in the “Big Apple” – my first real big trip from home — which further excited me about travel and getting out of Louisiana, but this is when I truly fell in love with Marketing and knew this was what I wanted to do with my life!

I’m a Corporate Marketer by day, directing the overall marketing strategy for one of the top property management companies in the United States. By night, I’m YOUR Travel Consultant, helping you plan unforgettable vacations to unimaginable destinations.

As I started to experience many travels in life and sharing my excitement and appreciation through Instagram stories or messages with friends, I realized how blessed I really am. Most people are lucky if they take one international trip a year (some people have never left their city) and here I am traveling the world!

I know trip planning, especially international, can be quite daunting to some, so I decided that I wanted to help those people who desire to travel more, but don’t know where or how to start, plan amazing vacations. From all of this, in June 2019, GEAUXVacay was formed.

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